Refer your clients to GS Financial Group

What our existing business partners and clients say about us has a big impact on our future.

That’s why we created the business partners referral rewards program; It is our way of saying thank you to business partners who recommend us to their clients.

The program is simple: If we have provided your clients with great service, please let other clients know about us. It can be very rewarding.

Client Referral Rewards Program Rules

  • The business partner who want to open an account has to:
    • Conduct the business under the ethic code
    • Follow the privacy act
    • Put the client’s interest first
    • Professional manners
    • Good reputation
    • Stable business
  • This program is open to all our business partners who have a referral account in our system.
  • The referred prospective client must request and receive at least one service from us in order for our referring business partner to receive the reward.
  • The referred prospective client must be in the system under the business partner who referred them.
  • The business partner can refer one client for more than one service and will get the rewards according to the services the client get from us.
  • This program may be modified at anytime.
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The program is simple.

  • Sign up and create an account with us
  • Sign in and send us the referral you believe will get any benefit from our professional services
  • Check the status of your referral
  • When the status shows “Complete” the system will assign points to your account
  • Take a look of the prizes for which you can redeem your points
  • Accumulate or redeem your points
  • Take a look of your redemption order status
  • Receive and enjoy your prizes at the comfort of your home, office or just use it as a gift for your family members, staff or clients.