• Only making minimum payments on your debts?
  • Are receiving communications because your bills are overdue?
  • Are you constantly asking for loans to cover your debts?
  • Are you applying for new loans to cover monthly payments on existing loans?
  • Are you using your available credit on your credit cards to cover the debts for daily expenses?
  • Are you going into overdraft to pay a credit card?
  • Are you  constantly missing payments on your mortgage or property taxes?
  • Are you constantly thinking about how you will pay your debts?
  • Are you having trouble paying your bills regularly and on time?
  • Not sure how much you owe in total?
  • Are you having family arguments about money?
  • Are you increasing your debt each month ?
  • You spent your loan limit on credit cards, overdraft or line of credit?
  • Scared to answer the phone because of debt collection agencies?
  • Are you considering consolidating your debts?
  • Are you constantly worried or upset about the money problems?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, it is time to seek help from an advisor at GS Debt Management, the faster you face the problem the more solutions you will have to solve it.

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